11 Reasons to choose Nepal for your Destination Wedding

4 Destination Nepal

Marriage is a big step in everyone’s life. It’s a major change that marks an end to life as you know it till that point. So without doubt, we all want to make our weddings a memorable one. Nepal is a unique and exotic land that offers a variety of options that could make your wedding an unforgettable experience. Come and let us assist you to celebrate the beginning of your happily ever after

  1. Milestone Wedding: We all want to make our wedding a life time memory. Marriage embodies special bond of heart and soul. Nepal has its own style of marriage system and offers different options to get married. Come and get married in Nepal and make your wedding a milestone to remember forever.
  2. A Different Experience:  Most of the marriages in Nepal are arranged. Nepalese culture is diverse and exotic. Every community has their own specific culture and style. Choose the best fit for yourself and experience the rich culture and tradition here.
  3. Local cuisine: Nepali wedding feast incorporates a variety of dishes. Each dish is made with  precision and perfection. Not to mention, they are delicious. In Nepali weddings, the dishes are mostly selected based on the family tradition but its not mandatory.
  4. A sense of belonging: In Nepali culture, every member of family participates and performs assigned duties. This provides a sense of belonging and togetherness among your loved ones. Our traditional music and dancing brings all of your loved ones together. And not to forget, local cuisines and beverages are to die for.
  5. A personal adventure: Marriage is an adventurous journey taken together.Nepal offers beautiful vistas for you and your beloved to discover and lush meadows to enjoy. We have steep trails that are challenging to climb and dangers to be avoided. Take your first journey together in this land of natural beauty and bond with nature together.
  6. Cuts down expenditures: Organising a wedding ceremony in Nepal is fairly cheap when compared to foreign places. You can totally have a perfect and wonderful wedding without going over budget.
  7. Distinct geographical features. Nepal has a variety of landscapes. You can marry in the serene and beautiful Himalayas, or the lush green mountains in the Tundra region. And if your not that big of a fan of cold weather like me, you can choose the plain areas of the Terai region.
  8. Easy Access: At a mere distance of 20 km from the hubble and bubble of the capital, Kathmandu, there are amazing hills. Experience the magnificent views of the sunrise and sunset with exotic cuisines tickling your taste buds. Also, hiking and cycling up and down the hill is a lot of fun. Or just have a lazy day, relaxing and basking in the warm sun.
  9. Diverse cultural experience: Nepalese have diverse ethnic backgrouds. Each community has their own culture and tradition. But despite that, we all believe in living in harmony and celebrating each other’s background. Drop in and have a taste of our lifestyle!
  10. Cultural heritage. Places like Kathmandu, Patan, Bhaktapur and Lumbini are famous for their heritage. Apart from these, there are also a variety of places which have their own rich and unique backgrounds. Visiting these places would surely be fun and exciting.
  11. Spirituality. Nepal is a land of spituality. Marriages in Nepal are generally performed by spiritual gurus using lyrical exchanges and deliberation. They chant mantras which have great spiritual connections that promise to make your bond a very strong one.

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