Foreign Marriage in Nepal | Foreign Marriage Procedure in Nepal|

Foreign nationals can register marriage legally in Nepal. However, there are certain provisions to follow and documents to prepare before starting the process of Marriage Registration in the District Court. Following information is regarding the important documents required and how to acquire them.

Foreign Marriage Registration

1. No Objection Letter
 You’ll need a document that provides proof that you are eligible to get married. A document that proves your Single Status is provided by your respective embassy. Different embassies have different provisions. In case of the American embassy, you’ll need to book and appointment before your visit. But for Australia, you’ll need to visit the Department of Justice in your state of residence to acquire the proof of single status. Then only, the Australian Embassy provides you the Certificate of Impediment with reference to the previous document.

           It’s better if you contact the Nepalese Embassy in your country to understand the provisions before coming to Nepal. If your country doesn’t have an Embassy in Nepal, you’ll have to acquire proof of your single status and no objection letter for your marriage in Nepal through the local government body.

2. Proof of your residence in Nepal for a minimum of 15 days
Your Marriage Registration process can only start after you’ve stayed here for a minimum of continuous 15 days. If you visit elsewhere within this period and comeback to register your marriage, then it cannot be done. The document that acts as your proof of stay in Nepal is provided by the Ward Office. If you are staying in a hotel, you can request the hotel to provide you with this document. Or if you are renting an apartment, you’ll need to bring your Contract Paper with the house owner and visit the Ward Office of that locality.

3. Marital Laws of your own country
 If you are a foreign national getting married in Nepal, the marital laws of your own country also need to be consulted. So you’ll need to provide the original document along with the translated copy in Nepali language to the court before getting your marriage registered here. The original laws are in English, they need to be translated by a licensed notary translator. In case of Japanese, Chinese or Korean, you’ll need to visit the Bishwo Bhasa Campus and get it translated into Nepali language.

4. Notary Certification
All the documents mentioned above including the photocopy of your passport and visa need to be certified by the notary before presenting them to the court.

5. Passport/ Visa
4 copies of passport sized photographs