7 Precautions to Take When Marrying a Foreign National

7 precautions

According to the current database in Kathmandu District Court, a large number of Nepalese people are marrying foreign nationals. More and more Nepalese are marrying people from US, UK, Australia, China, Japan, Canada, Philipines, France, Malaysia and many others. Marrying a foreigner has its perks, however there are certain considerations are to be made before taking such a big step. Following are 7 points to seriously take into account before tying the knot with a foreign national.

  1. Check personal information: Be aware of false promises in the hope of bright future. Don’t make any decision in haste. Settling wedding matters without meeting your partner’s family or consulting them on the phone or through digitals means is a bad idea. Do check their personal information like their marital status (i.e if he/she is single, divorced, separated, or widowed), employment history, qualifications and job designation, salary, employer’s address and their credentials, immigration status, type of visa, eligibility to take spouse to the another country. And not to forget their financial status, family background, passport properties owned by him in his country. Confirming their residential address, voter or alien registration card, Social Security number is also vital.
  2. Get Registered in District court of Nepal: Don’t decide to get married based on the info provided by a third party. Take matters into your own hands and learn as much as you can about the concerned party before settling down. If all is well then insist on getting your marriage registered in district court of Nepal. A Marriage Certificate is valuable evidence as to the fact of marriage. Also, dont forget to keep proper track of your wedding photographs and videos.
  3. Alert and Aware: –Be sure to have contact details of neighbors, friends, relatives, and your partner’s employer in the foreign country. Numbers for police, ambulance, and the Nepal Embassy where you reside is a must. Also, give photocopies of all important documents such as passport, visa, bank and property documents, marriage certificate, wedding photos, contact details and others to family members or any other person that you trust for safekeeping. If these documents are lost due to some unexpected incidents such as earthquake, natural disaster or theft, the recorded copy can come in handy. Open and maintain your personal bank account in the country of residence so that you can withdraw money at times of emergency.
  4. Be Personally Responsible: Get familiar with the laws, rights and duties of your country of residence. This will help you in cases of abuse or neglect, including ill-treatment, domestic violence.
  5. Get Connected: Stay in touch with your near and dear ones over the phone and any other means of communication while staying oversees. Tell them about your life and what you do.
  6. Verification Verification Verification!: Smart is the new sexy! Dont give the fraudulent people a chance to make a fool out of you. Take everything you hear with a grain of salt.Verify each and every detail presented about bride / groom via proper channels before committing to anything.
  7. Drop the Secrecy Act – Discuss the proposal with your family and friends. Sometimes they could help you get vital information about the concerned party of which you may not be able to collect otherwise

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