Dating a Foreigner |Court Marriage Nepal|


Imagine a foreign national coming to visit your country and somehow you cross paths. You make eye contact and boom! sparks fly all over, just like in the movies. It’s such a cliché. But let’s be honest here, growing up, we all hoped for this kind of romantic fairy tale. Foreigners always seem so exotic. And for a few lucky ones, this fairy tale actually comes true. Two people from totally different backgrounds have so much to offer to each other. It’s quite an experience to get a chance to share and learn from one another. And not to forget, dating a foreigner does wonders to your self confidence too. 

Once you spend time together and get to know them a bit, you realize, they are regular people just like yourself. They have highs and lows just like you. Also, coming from a different culture, their values and traditions might differ from yours. And you’ll reach a point when you got to decide whether or not to move ahead with the relationship. When you are wondering, do note a few things before making a decision.

1. Travel and lots of travel

When your significant other is from another country, you got to be prepared for a healthy dose of travelling. During the initial phases, you both might not be sure about where you want to settle down. One of you might be nicely settled here and the other in his/her own native land. It’s not practical to just uproot yourself or expect your partner to do so without proper planning. Long distance relationships are difficult. Connecting through the internet and taking turns visiting each other could be fun.

 2.  Language barrier

Communication is very crucial to every relationship. English is universal but both of you might speak  native tongue too. It takes a while to learn a new language. Misunderstandings can occur if you don’t understand each other properly. Being patient and asking questions when you can’t figure out something is a good idea.

3. Handling Culture shock

This one’s is pretty obvious. Being with someone who grew up in a completely different culture could be challenging. Their way of life and habits might differ from yours. Be open to experiencing and learning about their culture. You already love the person. Who knows you might just go crazy about their culture too. Keep an open mind before coming to any conclusions.

4. Respect

Kindness and respect look good on everybody. Wear them proudly. Knowing and understanding your differences will guide you through life smoothly. Giving each other space when it’s needed and not taking offence is important too.

5. Laugh together

As the well known saying goes, laughter is the best medicine. Every couple faces ups and downs. We all make blunders. They are a part of life. Optimism and laughter can sort out any kind of misunderstanding. Ability to laugh at yourself does wonders for your soul and ultimately your relationship.

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